March 24, 2018
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ChiefSymbols®   3D Rotate   Power Tool for Chief Architect v8
Simple to Use!
3D Rotate is easy to use - the process for tilting a 3D object is as follows:
1. Create a 3D object in Chief and then export a 3D Overview or Camera View and save the exported file as a 3D .dxf or .dwg file.
2. Open the 3D file in 3D Rotate.
3. To "stand up" a slab, simply press the "3D Express Rotate" button - and save the file. That's it!
4. To use the rotated symbol in Chief, use Chief's "Create Symbol Wizard" to import the object into your plan.
If you want your object to be at an angle other than perpendicular to the ground, then you can use the regular "3D Rotate" tool to tilt the object across any axis and to any angle!
And you can use the Delete tool to eliminate those elements in the file which you don't want included in your final symbol. For example, when you exported your 3D model from Chief, the 3D .dxf or .dwg file you created may have included walls, floor, furniture, and many other elements. Deleting these is easy in 3D Rotate - simply press the Delete button, select the items you want to delete by dragging a window around them, and press Enter.
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