April 22, 2018
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Product Listing
We're pleased to offer this family of low-cost ChiefSymbols® PowerTools which, while exceedingly simple in concept, can nevertheless greatly enhance your work experience: the CADcompanion family of file browsers and viewers:
CADcompanion™ CADbrowser for DWG and DXF
View entire directories of both .dwg and .dxf files with this traditional format, resizeable one-window program. In addition to all its other features, CADcompanion CADbrowser also boasts a Command Line for speedy command entry, has editable toolbars which the user can move and customize at will, and allows the user to configure the relative sizes of its different elements.
CADcompanion™ Mini Browser Plus
All the functionality of the full CADcompanion CADbrowser, but with a separate, resizeable display window in which to view your drawing files, allowing you to examine even small details with ease. The CADcompanion Plus File Selection box allows you to view files in any order, without needing to waste time opening and closing each one.
CADcompanion™ Mini Browser - Full Version
A unique one-window file browser and viewer with a small footprint to facilitate simultaneous use with Chief Architect®. Quickly review large collections of .dwg files in four view modes using basic navigation keys. Includes 3D view rotation, a host of zoom tools, and interface tools.
CADcompanion™ Mini Browser - Base Version
A free, one-window fixed-size file browser with a small footprint to facilitate simultaneous use with Chief Architect®. Review large collections of .dwg files in wireframe mode in just seconds using basic navigation keys.
CADcompanion™ Converter for DWG/DXF
A free no-frills utility to convert between DWG and DXF file formats.
For .dwg formats v2000 and earlier. For later versions, batch convert your .dwg files to v2000.