March 24, 2018
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CADcompanion™ Mini Browser  for .dwg Files - Full Version
CADcompanion™ Mini CADbrowser - Full Version is a small fixed-size browser and viewer for .dwg files which can easily reside on your desktop concurrently with Chief Architect®. If you have a large number of symbols - whether 2D or 3D - which you often import into Chief, CADcompanion™ will allow you, using just the basic navigational keys (Arrow keys, Home key and End key, PageUp and PageDown keys) to browse through them all quickly - unlike other viewer programs which require you to close one file before opening another or which require you to keep multiple drawings open to view them in sequence.
To make viewing as useful as possible, CADcompanion™ Mini - Full Version includes a host of visualization options, including a full selection of Zoom tools; Wireframe, Hidden Line, Shaded, and Shaded Hidden Line view modes (not included in the Base Version); 3D view rotation, allowing you to see the model from any angle (not included in the Base version); and display background color selection, which can be necessary to view drawings, depending on how they were created (also not included in the Base version).
Display Options
1. Wireframe
2. Hidden Line
3. Shaded
4. Shaded Hidden Line
Viewpoint Options
5. Top
6. Left
7. Right
8. Front
9. Rear
10. Isometric NE
11. Isometric NW
12. Isometric SE
13. Isometric SW
Viewing Options
14. 3D Rotate View
15. Pan View
Zoom Options
16. Wireframe
17. Hidden Line
18. Shaded
19. Shaded Hidden Line
Interface Options
20. Toggle Background
       between Black and White
21. Set Background Color
Click here to see the brief User's Guide for CADcompanion Mini Browser - Full Version.