April 22, 2018
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CARDIFF CONSULTANTS, LIMITED • 1470 First Avenue - Suite 4A, New York, NY 10075  USA • Tel:  212.717.5425  • web@ChiefSymbols.com
ChiefSymbols®  CADright™  Power Tool
There are irregularities in fills in 2D .dxf and .dwg exports from Chief Architect which can be problematic for Chief users who are required to provide files in AutoCAD .dwg format, or in .dxf format, to industry associates. Further, versions of Chief up through 8.04 don't support the export of hatches or fills at all.
Recognizing the need for a simple and inexpensive solution to this problem, Cardiff Consultants has developed ChiefSymbols® CADright™. This easy to use one-step program assists Chief Architect users in creating CAD files which display the same in .dwg and .dxf formats as they do in Chief Architect's native file format.
New features in CADright v1.5 include (1) the ability to open and to save Enhanced Metafiles (.emf format), since export of this format is included in Chief Architect; and (2) the ability to print files.
What you see on the screen in Chief is now what others can see when you create files for them to view or edit in their CAD programs!
And best of all, CADright™ is available for the low price of only $39.00!  Click here to go to the purchase page...
The process is very simple:
1. Create a Windows Metafile (.wmf) or Enhanced Metafile (.emf) format version of your Chief plan by
      exporting from Chief using the File>Export>Metafile(WMF,EMF)option.
2. Open the metafile in CADright™.
3. Save the file in the .dwg or .dxf version of your choice (v11, 13, 14, or 2000), or convert a .wmf file to .emf.
No steps are required of the CADright™ user other than opening the metafile and saving it with a name of the user's choice!
Keep in mind that ChiefSymbols® CADright™ is not a file editor and any changes which the user wishes to make to a .dwg or .dxf file created in CADright™ must be made in Chief or in another CAD program.
Because there is no perfect solution to creating CAD files which exactly replicate the appearance of a Chief file, it is strongly urged that you download this program and try it out before you purchase it. While CADright properly preserves features which will not be retained in .dwg/.dxf files exported from Chief Architect, CADright .dwg/.dxf files may retain certain fill elements which you will want to delete before sharing a .dwg or .dxf files with another person. This is NOT a flaw in CADright but is a function of the way in which Chief creates metafiles and hatches.
Click here to request a download link for the trial version of CADright™
Click here for more information on using CADright.