April 22, 2018
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CADcompanion™ DWG/DXF Converter
Our new CADcompanion™ Converter for DWG and DXF is a no-frills utility for conversion from DXF to DWG and from DWG to DXF. To use the program, (1) specify a directory on your computer in the Directory Dropdown Box and then (2) highlight the file you want to convert in the File List which shows all the .dwg and .dxf files in the selected directory. To complete the conversion process, (3) click on the "Save File" toolbar button, located to the left of the phrase "Save File As", and specify the format in which you want to save the file (either dwg or dxf) and type in a name for the file.
You can specify a default directory to be looking in when the program is opened but that's the only feature other than the actual conversion.
There are three steps involved to get CADcompanion Converter up and running on your computer:
1.   Click here to download the installation file and save it to your computer.
2.   Unzip the downloaded file and install the program on your computer.
3.   Click here to obtain a license code to run your FREE copy. When you first try to run the program you will be asked to enter this code; that will be the only time you'll need to enter the license code.
Each user is entitled to just one free license for this product. We reserve the right to terminate your free license if this condition is not honored.