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ChiefSymbols - Thousands of 3D CAD Symbols and 2D Drawings for All Chief Architect Products April 22, 2018
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Rendered images of some of the symbols in ChiefSymbols® Library CC01
This is just a sampling of the symbols in the library.   For a complete catalog of all the symbols in the library, click here.
Stone Arch with Round Columns Stone Arch with Tapered Round Columns Round Window - Muntin Style No. 1
Freestanding Stone Arch with Columns. There are also three Stone Arch doorway symbols, each with a different style column. Freestanding Stone Arch with Tapered Columns One of 11 Round Window muntin styles. This image shows only the exterior casing and muntins, but the symbol also has jambs and interior casing.
Round Window - Muntin Style No. 3 Revolving Door Diamond Window - Muntin Style No. 1
Another Round Window muntin style... Revolving Doors in an office building modeled entirely in Chief. One of the Diamond Windows
Stair Parts Balusters, Newel, Handrail and Volutes
A variety of bottom steps - these steps can be placed anywhere. A "fancy" staircase - this shows new symbols for handrails, balusters, newels, and handrail volutes and turnouts.
Volute Volute Sub Zero Model 632
Volute Turnout Sub Zero Model 632
Diamond Window - Muntin Style No. 6 A Variety of Shapes Diamond Window - Muntin Style No. 7
Diamond Window Here are some of the symbols in the critical "Shapes" library - each created at each "major" orientation - up, down, and on its side. These are essential building blocks with many applications - from terrain details to complex structural elements. Diamond Window
Posts and Beams - Various Sizes Brick Latticework Log House
Here are some of the elements in the "Posts and Beams" library. These studs come in standard sizes and in three standard heights, but they're all resizeable. Don't underestimate these seemingly simple items - their magic is in their ability to be placed wherever you want, unlike Chief's "soffits", which don't have the same flexibility. This is a composite of several different symbols comprising the Brick Latticework library (single row of 12 bricks; single row of 5 bricks; individual bricks; rows with mortar pads; top rows without mortar pads; end sections; etc.) Logs of various sizes and orientations placed over 2" thick Chief native walls. Using thin walls allows the logs to show on both the inside and outside of the structure; none of the original wall shows through. If you don't want the logs to show on the interior, for example, just use thicker Chief walls and place the logs toward the exterior of the structure.