April 22, 2018
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ChiefSymbols® PowerTools™
Standalone tools providing additional CAD capabilities.
 FREE ChiefSymbols® PowerTool™:   The CADcompanion™ Converter for DWG/DXF      Info...
3Dsymbols® Manager PowerTool™
Create and Customize Symbols - without
the Expense and Learning Curve of High Cost CAD!
• Assign Your Own Layers!
• Rename Layers!
 (NEW in v1.6)
• Move, Rotate Objects
• Browse All DWG/DXF Files
• Wireframe, Hidden Line
    and Shaded Modes
• Print Images
• Open and Save 3D AutoCAD
       .dwg and .dxf files
• Command Line Interface
Click to see the 3D Rotate screen
Click Image to see full size screen shot
CADcompanion™ PowerTool™ 
DWG and DXF File Viewers and Browsers
for Fast and Efficient Review of CAD Drawings and Details
Specially designed to be used simultaneously with Chief, these utilities enable you to review entire directories of 2D and 3D files with just simple navigation keys...
• Quickly toggle through thousands
     of drawings
• No need to open and close files
• Viewing and Shading options
Click Image to learn about the CADcompanion family of products
3D Rotate™ PowerTool™
Quickly and easily rotate 3D objects, including Chief slabs, to any angle with our low cost DWG/DXF CAD utility!
• Make Symbols from Slabs and Polyline Solids!
• Open and Save 3D AutoCAD .dwg and .dxf files
CADright™ PowerTool™
Create CAD Files with Properties Chief Omits!
Clean up hatch and fill info in Chief .dxf and .dwg 2D exports.
New in v1.5:  Open/Save .emf (Enhanced Metafiles);
Print Files
Download Support.zip if you receive error messages about missing files when trying to start any of these programs. Extract the files from Support.zip and place them in the \System32 folder of your Windows installation.
If you're unable to open .dwg files in 3Dsymbols® Manager or in 3Drotate™, it's very likely that they were created in a later version of AutoCAD. You can click here to download a free Batch Converter from Autodesk which will allow you to convert AutoCAD files from and to any version from v14 though v2008. If the files are to be provided to you, have the provider save the files as v2000 before sending them to you.