April 22, 2018
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ChiefSymbols®  3Dsymbols Manager  PowerTool
As with our other PowerTools, 3Dsymbols Manager has been designed to provide an option for those Chief users who want to avoid the cost and lengthy learning curve of high cost CAD programs. The capabilities of 3Dsymbols Manager are those which are most crucial for a user to be able to edit a 3D symbol for importation into Chief :
Assign layers to individual faces, allowing control over assignment of materials within a symbol
Rename layers to expedite editing of files
Create new layers for increased flexibility in assigning materials
Explode polyface meshes, reducing pre-made symbols to 3dfaces that Chief can read
• ExplodeArrest feature prevents 3dfaces from accidentally being exploded into non-importable objects
• 3D Rotate functionality allows the reorientation of 3D objects to any angle with respect to the ground plane
• Rapid browsing of entire directories of dwg and dxf files without the need to open and close files
• Toggle between Wireframe, Hidden Line, Shaded, and Shaded without Edges views
• Easily rotate the view of an object to review it from any orientation
• Set the position of a symbol with respect to the origin (0,0,0 coordinate) for proper alignment in Chief
Print images of your symbols for easy referencing
If you're not already a proficient user of a full featured CAD program 3Dsymbols Manager can give you the tools you need - in a simple, low cost, user-friendly program - to perform tasks you never though within your grasp. Now you can take full advantage of 3D objects you create yourself and those which you acquire from other sources.
Click here to download the free Trial Version of 3Dsymbols® Manager
Click here for the 3Dsymbols® Manager User Manual